Undebt: Contributing

Getting Started

Undebt’s development is taking place on Github, so please go ahead and fork the repository if you want to begin contributing.

You’ll then want to get a local copy of the code base:

git clone git@github.com:<your-username>/undebt.git

Getting Setup

It is highly recommended that you create a virtual environment before installing the project dependencies.

You can achieve both (create a virtualenv and install dependencies) with:

make dev

Running the Tests

Undebt uses tox for testing.

You can run the entire test suite:

make test

Or, run an individual environment:

tox -e py35  # probably need to be virtualenv

Note. If you do not have the required dependencies for each Tox environment, you will receive an error. Avoid this by passing the --skip-missing-interpreters option.

Adding Documentation

Undebt’s documentation is formatted using reStructuredText and hosted on RTD. Please try to follow the existing style and organization patterns.

You can test your contribution with:

make docs

Your new, local documentation will be available at docs/build/html/.